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GAIA provide biodegradable solutions advances progress for the future.

GAIA develop and produces biodegradable biomaterials for a wide variety of applications . Our vast know-how and experience within the production industry have led us to find new solutions to improve and broaden the use of biomaterial.

Who We Are

GAIA is a young company with great experience. Thanks to our long and successful background from the food packaging industry we are experts to find biodegradable solutions for every need. The vision is to replace current fossil based plastics with a renewable and compostable alternative without sacrificing quality. Our first success story was a pouch for the Scandinavian waste industry. Our second, an apron made in-house for Swedish hospitals.

Today we offer biomaterials in different qualities such as; film blowing, injection molding, sheet extrusion, and bottle blowing. We co-operate with big global companies to make sure we can serve a global demand on sustainable biodegradable product solutions.

Biodolomer® for Life


In June 2016, Gaia BioMaterials AB, in a joint partnership with NSR and Båstad Kommun, received EU funds from the LIFE programme for a 30 MSEK project in order to show how fossile-based and energy intensive plastics and packaging materials can be replaced by Gaia BioMaterials renewable and biodegradable biomaterial Biodolomer® The project will show how Biodolomer® material can be produced and will be validated through four different commercial reference products to control for the feasibility of undertaking it for the European plastic and packaging industry as a whole. Biodolomer® is unique in its concept as it exhibits all of the following qualities:

  • Renewable
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Convertable to to bioenergy
Significantly reduced CO2-emissions when incinerated, as compared with conventional plastic and paper. Whilst other existing biomaterials exhibit one or more of these qualities, none of them exhibit all of them, making Biodolomer® the most versatile biomaterial available.

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