The Biodolomer® Family

Biodolomer® is a high-quality mineral filled biomaterial

Certified compostable and contain renewable resources.
  • compostable according to EN 13432
  • contain up to 85 % renewable resources
  • printable and weldable
  • ready to use in existing machine equipment

Biodolomer® may be converted to a wide variety of blown film applications ranging from organic waste bags, shopping bags, and agricultural film. Biodolomer® is available for bottle blowing, thermoforming, and injection molded conversion.

Why calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate contributes to the Earth's natural fertility.
That is why Gaia adds calcium carbonate in Biodolomer®.
  • Calcium carbonate is added in growing medium to raise the pH interval and supply plant life with calcium and magnesium to raise growth potential.
  • Calcium carbonate contains trace minerals like silica which also improves growth. Silica gives nutrition, mechanical strength, and resistance against fungal diseases.
  • Calcium carbonate is used to counteract acidification. That is why calcium carbonate is spread over fields, lakes, and forests to neutralize the pH value.
  • Calcium carbonate in Biodolomer® Film manufacturing increases line speed and output, faster heating and cooling cycles result in enhanced machine uptime. The main benefits for the end product are for instance reduced raw material costs, improved mechanical strength and barrier properties.
  • Calcium carbonate in Biodolomer® Thermoforming grade means higher extruder output and faster cooling on chill roll, reduced cooling time in mold and faster cycles, higher stiffness, lower shrinkage, processing on existing thermoforming machinery, more isotropic, physical properties and improved forming accuracy.